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Thread: Is there a way to Dial Up AOL without AOL?

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    Is there a way to Dial Up AOL without AOL?

    Yeah my question is pretty easy, I've searched the internet and found nothing. But anyway my question, Is there a way to dial up into AOL without having to use there software. I'm really getting annoyed by AOLHELL and I thought if I could just make a normal dial up connection and not have to use there stupid software. Well I'm also reading about AOL protocol and seeing if I can make a proggy that does it but that's a last resort.

    Yes I know AOL is shitty but it's what I got.

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    Nope. They do all their authorization and such through the application. I haven 't heard of anyway to do that. Sorry.

    Nice avatar!!
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    Yeah thanks for the props on the avatar..

    I've been reading at AOL protocols it does seem possible to make a program to make but you need some of their .dll files and such, so you would at least have to install AOL for it work but you could maniplate the data so it looks like your logging on with their software. Hmmm... it would be better then nothing I guess.

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    Awhile back (3.0 or something) someone made a program called AOHell. That allowed you to dial up through AOL, use theri services, and not pay for it. About a week after it was released, someone made a trojan called AOHell. Most of the people that downloaded AOHell, got the trojan, not the service. I think AOL did patch the hole though. All I am saying is that it should be possible. It has been done before. But I wouldn't recommend looking for the old program.
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    knowing how aol is run by nazi's i think it should be possible =)

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    I could be completely off on this but...

    Back in the day I used AOHELL (the AOL Hack). Basically it tricked AOL into thinking you were in the Account Options Section of AOL (which didn't incurr billable hours). It didn't mess with the dial up comm. sections I think...

    THe only AOL hack like that I have heard of is the Telent thing over at [flame shield on] www.happyhacker.org [flame shield off]
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    [flameshield] does that mean whatever I say in here I won't get flamed? :P [/flameshield]
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    Crap man, where do you live? Must be pretty far away from civilization for AOL to be the only option.
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    Yeah Man I"m in Des Moines Iowa there is not alot out here. And the rates are outragious, even NetZero cost 20.00 . Well that's why I'm wondering if I can mess with it.

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    free0n: Dude, if you ever come across anything concerning how to do this tell me please. I'd give money for the info, hehe, because MSN will not allow dialing in now through Linux for soe reason, and I can't get online.

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