After requesting some information about porting applications to IPSO from Chris Arnold founder of the GNUkia project, I got this reply..

The porting was fairly easy, actually. Much of it built perfectly
modification. I built every package on a FreeBSD 2.2.6 box (since that
what IPSO 3.4.x is loosely based on) with the default
that came with the OS image. All building was done against the IPSO
libraries and linked statically. I'll be stripping and pruning the
in the future.


I'm pretty impressed about the fuss that Nokia makes around it's OS, seems like it's time to bench Nokia boxes in favour of <whatelese...>.. So, in the 'running IPSO on other hardware as Nokia' thread on the FW1-wiz list, I was right about getting everything to work as expected on IPSO, so to hell with Nokia and their IPSO..

ANyone out there using IPSO in a non-production enviroment and wanna test any sploit? just get the compiled binary of any FreeBSD sploit and run it on IPSO, It would be pretty funny to get a rootshell that easily on Nokia's 1337 OS...

Nokia : GTH!