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    Email Hole

    JP, your site has settings that require a email reactivation whenever you change the email setting of the user account. An email is sent to the address shown and the user has to confirm before they can continue posting to AntiOnline. I found a way around this and a way to choose any email address and be able to post. First of all I changed my email address to one of my other addresses. The confirmation email was sent and I in turned confirmed and was allowed to post again. Then I chose the address I wanted to use.


    After this I couldnt post until the confirmation email got to that address, or so I thought. Using the old confirmation email from when I first changed my email settings I confirmed and any email that anyone believes is being sent to me is actually going to God@heaven.org. This isnt a big bug, but one that is worth fixing.
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    lol, that is a good catch...hmm, what made you decide to do this one, though?

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    Is that called an Email Hole????

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    mmmmm, maybe I should change mine to devil@hell.666? Hehehe

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    if you really want to, check out www.hell.com it is an e-mail service where you pay to have your e-mail be (whateverYouWant)@hell.com

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    JP, I hope you understand why this hole can be a big problem now.
    Jealousy consumes the weak.

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    Greetings All:

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I had to totally redesign the e-mail verification system from the ground up, so it took me a little while. BUT, it's all fixed now.

    thanks again!

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