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Thread: Dear abby: FBI Rat

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    Dear abby: FBI Rat

    What do you guys think of this:


    I don't like child porn or pedophiles, but something just doesn't sit right with this one...
    - Jimmy Mac

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    she's not that good looking but it was good to get those types of losers that have no life get put in jail

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    Once again, that story is from the mighty American propoganda machine, CNN so I read it with a "pinch of salt."

    Also, the picture of that woman (Jeanne Phillips) conveys an image of complete "holier than thou" attitude that really makes me want to punch her in the face....j/k

    On the other hand, there isn't any place in society for pedophiles. Just to show the level of intelligence of this man, he actually wrote to a "Dear Abby" column wanting help to have sex with little girls....What did he honestly expect to happen?

    Originally posted by jcmb
    I don't like child porn or pedophiles, but something just doesn't sit right with this one...

    I agree Jim. A rat is a rat is a rat.......

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    He said he had fantasies, not that he actually did anything. Possesing child pronography is wrong, but abby really shouldn't have turned him in.
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    He should've gotten himself some professional help. Get that? PROFESSIONAL help, not Dear Abby bullsh@t....

    Sick and stupid, what a combination.....
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    I think I read the letter in the paper... I think the wife wrote it or something...

    Most of what is in there is dull, I only glance at the titles because they are right next to the comics in my paper... If it sounds interesting, I look over it... Guess lotsa stuff goes on right in front of us...


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    It smell more than fishy...
    And to think, I was going to write too...
    Topic: Improving Self Image
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