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Thread: tiz good to talk

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    tiz good to talk

    I'm not sure if this has been covered before and i can’t find it so here we go

    I like the "Security Discussion Forums" i like pretty much all the forums i can see/post into at the moment.
    The AntiOnline's IRC Network is nice and i have met some sound people in there but, i was thinking along the lines of a full on chat page. (Users log in with password and name as usual).

    The reason i think this might be beneficial is two fold:

    1) You can post more on what you think and have a full on conversation with whom ever you like. (Whether its public message or private) this isn’t possible on IRC as it clutters the screen and multiple users (well cant keep up). Say i wanted to talk about a paragraph on tcp/ip (it would take up quite abit)

    2)Its fast, can be maintained easily enough, possible ignore buttons for newbies..ect..
    (That’s a few but i know there’s more)

    For an example


    Or log in one and see


    The only downfall is it might be hard to code and possible exploits....
    But i know i would be there a lot if there was one

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    Yeah, it's possible to develop a Java applet that logs you into the chat area, I've seen a member's site which does, and dal.net allows it. Maybe we have some experienced Java Programmers who would now how to get a copy of it, or could program it.
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    great idea ron. i don't like irc for the very reasons you stated (i don't type fast enough either)
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