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Thread: spreading dirt from his web site

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    spreading dirt from his web site


    Super DIRT Trojan to infect indiscriminately
    By Thomas C Greene in Washington


    Our friend Frank Jones of Codex Data Systems has been busy with a number of projects associated with his loathsome DIRT Trojan, most notably one which seeks to distribute the infection indiscriminately. Cryptome's John Young has posted an HTML version of Jones' PowerPoint slide show, and from this we gather that Jones either has, or is struggling to develop, a super-malicious strain of his little viral toy.

    The latest incarnation is called HOPE, for "Harnessing the
    Omnipotent Power of the Electron." It sounds positively Biblical, but it's a mere h4x0r kiddie project which involves setting up a malicious Web site to infect all visitors indiscriminately, and to exploit the infection as victims spread it to their e-mail and IM contacts. Everyone infected will of course yield remote access to their computers via the DIRT Trojan.

    Jones recommends its use in combating terrorists, pedos and drug traffickers, and for employee monitoring. It's also perfectly suited to industrial espionage. Just set up a Web site which will interest your competitors, and infect them with the DIRT Trojan. How cool is that?


    That’s about 30 years worth of cool (with good behavior)
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    That’s about 30 years worth of cool (with good behavior)
    yeah but am sure he'll hope that his rather large and new bestest friend in the bunk above him doesn't want to get dirty with him durring those 30yrs

    /me slaps himself for worst joke ever >_<


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