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Thread: Just an old virus~~come and see

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    Smile Just an old virus~~come and see

    Ever heard about a virus called "CIH"

    I am not sure how powerful it is, but heard from the news it was destructive~~

    well, what i heard is that it was created by a college students from Taiwan, and pretty effective......

    is it true? and can anyone explain how the viurs works? thanks

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    CIH...or more commonly referred to as Chernobyl. One of my favourites (Win95.spaces is probably my all time favourite...both CIH and Spaces are very similar) although it's getting a little out dated now. You can even download a tool to remove it....no skill required. If you need the tool you can get it here..........

    It's usually triggered on the 26th day of any month although April seems to be it's favourite. Once triggered it destroys the BIOS...brilliant..

    Anyway, it's alot more involved than that so check out all the usual places...Symantec, VirusList, Kaspersky....etc etc etc....

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    well, what kind of language was used to create the CIH virus?


    and what are common languages that have been used to create the "POWERFUL" virus~~?

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    Here is the Symantec write-up on CIH:

    I used to have a shortcut to the kill CIH tool on my desktop.
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    there's a good explaination of CIH and a free utility to help recover lost data, (provided your bios isn't toasted ...course if it is..you can move the drive to a different box and recover from there...)

    The CIH virus erases the first 2,048 sectors (1 megabyte) of each of the system's non-removable and writable disk drives. While this is certainly troublesome, the damage is very often 100% reversible and recoverable! (This is especially true if the drive contained multiple partitions, since only the first partition was truly damaged. See below.)

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