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Thread: Pigs With a Vengence?

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    Pigs With a Vengence?

    Well obviously theres a few 5-0's that didn't agree with my opinion on the Stop Policeware post. I got alot of positive feedback from that, except from one silly little pig.

    The First little pig built his house out of stones:

    Can you say "go **** yourself". From: a policeman

    UH OH! lol Thats not a real constructive way to deal with your anger Officer...whatisit..oh DICK.
    Can't we talk it out? It's too bad you're not here to whoop my ass for speaking my mind. Land of the free? Sure.

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    1. This is not the land of the free, it is a dictatorship under the control of JP. Deal with it.
    2. Sure, sometimes you get idiotic antipoints, but none of us complain every time some dork gives us neg. Deal with it.
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla ná engwar.

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