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    Antionline Addicts bug

    I'm able to access Terr's 'My Manifesto/Etiquette thingy.'-thread but not VictorKaum's 'Win Tweaks'-thread, both in the Antionline Addicts-forum. I guess i shouldn't have access to any of them because I'm not yet an addict. This got to be a bug!

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    I have to agree. Although I was able to access the Addicts section before and now cannot. If one can see a post in the most active section and then use the Previous Thread/Next Thread buttons, you can conceivably go through all the posts.

    You are stopped from posting or if you hit on the AO Addicts specific forum you are told that you do not have enough posts to enter in.
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    JP, do 'sticky' threads cause a bug, perhaps?
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