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    Active topics

    Currently as far as I can tell, active topics lists all topics recently posted on from all forums(except AO addicts).

    What if it were user customizable to only show those forums for which the user had a specific interest? For example myself, I read newbie, cosmos, general, tutorials and general security the most often. Perhaps it could appear somewhere in my user options that I only want recent posts from those forums to show up when I log in. That would also allow for the other suggestion for the AO addicts forum to be used, without confusing newbies about why they can't view the posts.


    Read them.

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    It would be nice, not necessary, but certainly nice. I would like to be able to filter out the Usenet groups, for instance, and to show the AO addicts forum listings.
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    I'd like to be able to filter out specific forums, since I don't visit all of them. I'm glad AO addicts is not shown, because it's a bit annoying when I perform a search and what looks like a really interesting post is in that forum and I can't access it! Have to just be patient I suppose...
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