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Thread: Two Firewalls, One LAN and an uphill battle

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    Two Firewalls, One LAN and an uphill battle

    Hello one and all,

    For some time now, I have been attempting to migrtate the Checkpoint FW-1 out, and replace it with a Cisco PIX 515 with a failover unit and a Sonicwall Pro 200. Along with this new infrastructure equipment I purchased a Cisco VPN Concentrator 5001. Now, I am having a wide range of networking issues when I try to cut over to the new network components.

    If anyone has any good articles with respect to routing and the setup of two firewalls on a single LAN, please let me know.

    cheers from Sydney

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    I have lots of experience with this stuff, but why are you using a PIX and a SonicWall on the same network.

    Also, I am assuming you bought 2 PIX fw's since you bought the FO license right.

    Let me know specifically what you need, and I will help, but I do not know what your design included.

    If you have multiple internet connections, (which is why I am assuming you have to firewalls) you will need to use BGP to take full advantage of routing capabilities, which also means you need to register an AS and you better have some hefty routers.

    Is the VPN concentrator going to be inside or outside your FW?

    But anyway, I have no idea what exactly you are trying to do, so let me know

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