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Thread: Pennsylvania Plane

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    Pennsylvania Plane

    I was watching a show on the news the other night. They were discussing a theory that the plane that crashed over Pennsylvania on 9/11 was actually shot down. Witnesses claimed seeing a small, unidentified plane flying away from the crash scene after it happened. The person arguing the case claimed that the FBI is being extremely protective of the information on the crash of this flight. However, it has not been proven. What do you guys think?

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    when i first heard it crashed, i figured the gov took it out, but when the reports came out on the news of the passangers fighting the hi-jackers, i liked that more.

    i choose to believe the plane crashed during the strugle, they'er all just as dead anyway, and their families can find some strength in it. Anyone who tries to disprove it has no heart. if the air force shot it down, they did the right thing, and made it even more right by going along with the reports of a passanger uprising.
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    I think it is a good possibility, and I agree with Tedob1, let sleeping dogs lie. There is no point in going back and raking up the mud on that issue. We were under attack, as clearly as if we had been attacked by warplanes from another country. What is done is done, and it was a tragedy that the people on that plane died, however it happened. However unfortunately if the plane had reached its destination a lot more people would have died.
    I choose to personally believe that the hostages overtook their hijackers, and died a heroic death to save others.
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    If it were an Air Force shoot down, I think the government would have made it known. The possible bad press of a cover up like that would be overwhelming if the story came to light. I hope this doesn't blossom into another conspiracy theory, ala. the JFK assasination.
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