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Thread: How to view FAT partition from LINUX..?

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    How to view FAT partition from LINUX..?

    i have tried to mount my FAT/FAT32 partition in Linux so i could manage those m$ files in my Linux Redhat 7... but still didn't work...

    i thought it is the same while mounting those floppy drives and CDRom.. but it is not.... or maybe i did it wrongly..

    Anyone have any ideas how to mount/view that partition?

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    In SuSE I use the command 'mount /windows/c' (without the quotes) and that works. Otherwise try mounting the entry your FAT partition is assigned e.g. 'mount /dev/hda1' (again without the quotes).

    You'd have to give more information for an specific reply, all I can give you is general tips at the moment.
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    Maybe you should cruise around your directories and find out where the Fat part. is first, you might just be tryin' to mount something that isn't where you think it is.

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    umm, are you passing the file system type? Win partions are of type VFAT. I believe it is -t for the flag:
    mount -t VFAT <whatever> <whatever>
    check the man pages for specifices.
    man mount
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    You must know what is interested HD (i.e. hda1, where 'a' is first HD, and '1' is frist partition).
    Create a dir in /mnt (i.e. myhd) and edit /etc/fstab in this way:
    /dev/hda1 /mnt/myhd msdos defaults 0 0
    Save, exit and digit: mount /mnt/myhd.
    To next reboot your partition will mounted automatically.
    I hope this help.
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    mount -t VFAT </dev/wherever> </mnt/wherever>
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    You can gain access to another partition on your system (like a FAT partition) by typing similar lines like the following:

    mkdir /mnt/vfatc
    mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/vfatc

    this assumes that the first drive on your hdd holds in the first partition a windows partition (/dev/hda1) and makes a mount point (/mnt/vfatc) for your partition.

    If you want to have your partitions always mounted on start up and are not used to edit some files... just go to an X term or console, go root (with the "su" command without the quotes) make a mount point "mkdir /mnt/vfatc" and type "linuxconf", linuxconf let's you mount partitions at start-up. Scroll down the menu and choose "file systems", click on the entry "access local drive", add your new mount point: select the partition you want to mount (like /dev/hda1 for the first partition on the first hdd), specify the file type (like VFAT for a win98 partition), specify the place where to mount (something like /mnt/vfatc) , if you want your user to be able to access the partition you need to set the permissions to your group and user at the "dos options" tab, set "default user id" and "group id" to your user account. when you're finished, select mount. You should see some msg saying it's mounted succesfull. Click the accept button, your new file system will be added to /etc/fstab
    exit linuxconf
    To access the partition now, type cd /mnt/vfatc

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    lots of help.....
    lots of method..
    thanks alot everyone...

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