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Thread: Anyone know how to use Bryddes or Crypt3?

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    Cool Anyone know how to use Bryddes or Crypt3?

    Hey, call me a lamer if you want, but I can't figure out how to decrypt my file encrypted with DES. I have the programs "Bryddes" and "Crypt3". if any of you have knowledge of their workings, or if you have a favorite program that you know works better, let me know, thanks.


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    You might want to have a look at DriveCrypt but I think it only deals with encrypted containers (folders & drives).


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    You should switch to PGP, its a better overall package imho...

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    I also use pgp for my file encryption. It is a little bit slower, but that doesn't matter as much with computers the way they are now. Just make sure you don't keep your private key on your hard drive, or your encryption is worthless.
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