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Thread: is work that boring ?

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    Red face is work that boring ?

    today i got to work at 10 am and it just suck, the new guy at the security check wouldn't let me in .... too bad made a quick call to the office, passed a couple of new command for that 7206 and boom!! the bank is calling (i'm installing a wan for them and they still haven't given me a badge to access the routers that i'm supposed to configure for 3 weeks now ...) where the hell are you says the voice.....at the entrance and i can't get in call the dum ass at the door.... after plenty of no explanation the network wen,t back up as it went down .... so cook isn't it it's crazy what a red light can do to a banker....
    see for them the concept of security is the same to yoga to a chimp... they don't understand that accesslist work both ways and that true a router can check the origin of ALL incoming packets but what good does it do .... i know for a fact that 3 other routers are configured so tath i can accese the central from my office... but they don't know that....

    anyways anybody has work for banks and an application called delta ?
    the reason why i'm asking that is that they want me to create a worst case scenario of failure and well it's pretty redundant... but i don't know how sensitive is their traffic... all they gave me is a name delta... i do have a radcom over it (hardware network sniffer layer 1and up hehe) but i'm too lazy to go through the huge logs ...so if anyone knows if that application verifyes that the connection is up and running before tx ing...how sensitive it is to latency and what happens if the same packet get receveide twice ...that kind of thing and nothing else!!!

    they are running x25encapsuleted in ip over wireless hf and a isdn backup... i know xwhat you are going to say but this precise wireless connection is damn secure since all 128bits enc' key are changed eveery other day....well it's a rich bank so they got the means

    anyways tonight is going to be fun got to test the real bandwith of the network and the load balancing hehe ever heard of WAN killer btw what application do you guys use to do that ? cisco work and cisco view are just not doing it and they are consumiign that bandwith plus i need to know how they react under a lot of traffic....
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    mmkay... Have a good time

    God bless,
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