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    Talking Upgrade comp parts on WinXP

    Finally the list of parts you can upgrade without making XP unhappy are available, but not from M$.


    Like the article says, this should've been made available up front.

    For a direct link go here http://www.licenturion.com/fl.cgi?arg=0302
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    Nice post but i don't have XP.

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    Thanks for the link I'll have to bookmark that one, very useful.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    Anyone ever wonder what XP stands for? (X)tremely (P)athetic.
    What do you mean you don\'t have a backup disk?

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    Nice list

    Here's what I have done with my XP Home-box untill now:

    1. installed on FAT32
    2. installed on NTFS
    3. formatted, installed again
    4. formatted, installed again
    5. added new harddrive - installed again - Had to call MS to get a new activation code
    6. new puter, installed again - Had to call MS to get a new activation code again
    7. hard disk crash, installed again - no need to call MS this time

    So, I guess after a couple of installs / new activation codes, XP just assumes you're hopeless and doesn't bug you anymore with that activation-thingie

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    yuck-yuck, that's funny, I reinstalled to start fresh w/ larger clusters in NTFS and added another hardrive, but didn't have to get an new acti code, guess I lucked out. Could've used that list a while ago though, been going by trial an error, had to go back to a winmodem fer XP, but the nixer still digs my Zoom, zoom turbo zoooooooooooooooommmmm. . .

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    XP sucks...It's almost as bad as WinME. You want security? Get rid of XP. It is the most worthless OS for security. The default features on it are terrible. Hopefully M$ will pull it's head out of it's butt and realize it's problems. Even after releasing a huge security update, XP is still the easiest OS to break into, especially with Black Ice on it.
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