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    Talking Welcome to Linux

    Welcome to linux!

    What is Linux?
    Linux is a free Operating System (OS) and a great alternative to Windowz. Think "free" as in "free speech," not "free beer," as the people in the Free Software/Open Source community like to say. Open source means that you have the ability to customize your OS how ever you wish and freely distrubute it. To learn more about free software and the major software license it is distributed under, called the General Public License (GPL), go here.

    Who owns Linux
    No one company or individual "owns" Linux. However, the trademark "Linux" is owned by Linus Torvalds.

    Where can I get Linux?
    There are alot of http and FTP sites that host linux distrobutions. There are over 200 distrobutions of Linux that fit different purposes. Here's a list of sites where you can download linux:
    Red hat
    Turbo Linux
    Debian Linux

    There are alot of other sites and distrobutions but I've only included a few here. If you'd like some software for your new OS has a decent list.

    I'm having problems installing Linux
    If your having problems installing Linux make sure to actually READ the README file. Check back at the site you downloaded your distrobution from for help and FAQ documents. If you're still stuck you can post your questions in the Newbie Fourm or in the *Nix Discussions fourm and some one will help you. Alternatively, you can use Google to search the internet for additional documents and help with linux.

    What's Linux look like?
    At most Linux websites, you can preview what Linux will look like after you have it installed. You'll still be able to have a graphical user interface (GUI). Linux uses 2 main desktop environments called GNOME and KDE. Here's a list of sites with screen shots of Linux:

    Red Hat
    Peanut Linux

    What's GNOME
    GNOME stands for GNU Network Object Model Environment. The GNOME project intends to build a complete, user-friendly desktop based entirely on free software. GNOME is part of the GNU project, and it is free software compliant with the OpenSource(tm) definition. The desktop will consist of small utilities and larger applications which share a consistent look and feel. GNOME uses GTK+ as the GUI toolkit for all GNOME-compliant applications.

    What's KDE?
    KDE is a powerful, highly stable graphical desktop environment for Linux/Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Linux/Unix operating system.

    I still don't get it..
    If you still need help then try these sites:

    Linux Documents
    Linux Newbie


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    Very good post RA.

    Linuxiso is a one good one stop site for linux distros.

    Also I think it should be pointed out that one of the main reasons for choosing Linux over windows (besides the price that is) is that it is very stable. I've been using Redhat for close to three years now (very extensively might I add) and it has only crashed twice in that time and those two times it was because of something stupid that I did, when I try using Windows 98 or 2k for the same jobs it crashes on an average of every three hours.
    Some people complain about compatibility problems when using Linux (i.e. a lot of software won't run on it) but if you use certain software (usually included in the distro) you can run almost any program in Linux.

    P.s.if you are a newbie to Linux IMHO you should start with Mandrake cause it is one of the easiest to install (and it is in the install stage that most people run into problems with Linux).
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    Didn't someone just make one of these posts? It was in the same category too. ... I like this though, nice. I would *highly* recommend - When I was having trouble, they were very helpful and they have great tutorials.
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    Great summary of linux. I wish I had been directed to a summary like this when I was first trying out linux. I must have reinstalled my system a dozen times before I found a distribution and configuration I liked. Perhaps other users will have an easier time learning the linux OS than I did.

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    As much as I know I am unvcersed in the way's of linux, I find it hard to justify learning to use linux when absolutely NONE of my clients use it. So when it comes to thinking about using it myself I look very hard at the prospect of a great deal of work and then an unrealistic test machine when my clients have failed MS operating systems. What I need to say is simply this. Everyoone is complaining about the stability of Windows, Admitedly windows 9.x?ME was not stable but niether was it meant to be. You can't expect to run a secure network of a 95 machine for jeebes sake what do you think this is. Thats why NT was developed, and if anyone can stand there and tell me XP is not stable I will tell them they need to either build a new pc or go back to NEWBIE status. I refuse to bag linux becuase I have no understanding as yet of how it works. Yet in my field I have a fairly good idea that 90 percent of people are to dumb to plug there own keyboards in. Let alone install an almost supported OS from an unknown company. Sorry but untill I am enlightened...... I shall remain adamant

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    gee.. ghostofanonion. you really dug into the past in replying to this old thread.. (see blinking dates ?)
    I know you're new and all but it's general practice not to bump up old threads..

    I won't comment much on your mini rant about linux.. there'll be others who might want to debate this with you.. and as for win9x.. I haven't had any bsod's or freezing on my 98se box in a long time.. keeping it clean is how I mangage that.

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    Originally posted here by ghostofanonion
    As much as I know I am unvcersed in the way's of linux, I find it hard to justify learning to use linux when absolutely NONE of my clients use it.
    This will always be the case -

    Prospective Client "Are you Linux experienced?"

    You "No, not at the moment"

    Prospective Client goes and find someone who is.

    Therefore none of your clients use it.

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    You misunderstand me my clients are NOT interested in security my client base is home user's. Unfrtunately I somehow wound up in retail. Still it is something to be noted Home User PC's are on the rise and have a higher .. dunno the right word ... but I guess market share would suffice than any other group. Apologize for fiddling with the way things work here still blundering my way about trying to grasp the basics of the site navigation and protocols for ranting about linux... I dunno why. I hate windows as much as the next man... but I have a thing against senseless MS bashing

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    The truth is prospective client " I'm looking for my pc/ my pc is broke and I acn't fix/ My suns best friends girlfriends step brother fixed my pc now it won't work/ I have a virus is that covered by warranty etc.. etc.. etc.."

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