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Thread: Roll Call

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    Roll Call

    Isn't the Role Call-forum supposed to be a 'just one post / no replies'-forum?

    I just posted in there for the second time (I think you can even post polls...), and other people may start to see the Role Call Forum as a 'post-whatever-you-want-without-having-to-be-scared-of-anyone-replying'-forum...

    You can also reply to your own post in the Role Call Forum (here's your chance to start your own private forum ) ...

    And ermmm... I can even reply to whatever post I want... Guess it's got something to do with the moderator-status...

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    You've been busy.....
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    Tsk, you always have to cause problems Negative.

    It's most likely down to your moderator status, I certainly can't post replies to the role call forum (even to my own thread in there, don't know why - I can edit it though). The only thing that works is Bump Up!, so now my thread is at the top (whoops)!

    Edit: Can't edit my post because it's been there for more than 1440 minutes...
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    LOL, Negative I'am proud... Belgium rulez... LOL

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    Damn evil moderators.
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