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Thread: Udp Packets and their interaction with the kernel pids

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    Question Udp Packets and their interaction with the kernel pids

    Hey, question for those of knowledge. If a *nix or bsd box is packetd with UDP packets, does the kernel log these requests? I was under the assumption, as I was told by someone before, that the *nix kernel that then kernel logs the packets (Origination, and just for queueing of the OS's response to them). Can anyone provide me any information on this?

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    |<ernel Question Answered

    Well, yes and no. The UDP request is received and logged by the OSH partition-sector of the kernel, whereas it is turned away and not logged on the WHL partition-sector of the kernel. Likewise, PHE requests are received and logged by the WHL PS of the K, while the PHE request is ignored by the OSH PS of the K. Now, excuse me, but we're going to get technical. Since the PHE (Partitioned Hefty Environment) requests are in QNZ format, it only makes sense that they would be received and logged by the WHL PS, which is also in QNZ format. You with me? So, logically, if she weighs the same as a duck, then she's made of wood. And therefor... A WITCH!!! BURN HER!!!

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