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Thread: Pentium Or Anthalon

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    Pentium Or Anthalon

    pentium is buggy and anthalon is fine which is better

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    well.. Both are equally good... If complimented with the right ram, board etc...

    If you want to go Intel then get the P4 478 pin w/ the new Northwood core. But if you do go with the P4 you will have to use Rambus Ram (RDRam) to fully unleash the power of it. An equally good choice of ram for the same P4 would be the new DDR-333 (pc2700) ram. Bith will allow the bandwitdh the P4 requires.

    If you go with an Atlon I would suggest getting the XP 2100+, Again this coupled with the DDR-333 Ram will allow it to perform at its peak.

    Which is better?

    Well both have out performed each other in certain tasks. So they are both equally good. Really it depends on your preferance. Personnaly I would go for the P4, I'm an overclocker (arn't we all ) and I've seen setups where the P4 has hit 3 GHz!

    LINK!! http://www6.tomshardware.com/cpu/02q1/020128/index.html

    If you want to get some good reviews goto www.tomshardware.com, I use it religiously for buying and reviewing hardware. (and pretty much everything else)

    Hope this helps.


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    The Pentium of Course it runs Cooler --

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    LOL@freeOn's avatar.... I like Athlon because its more stable... Hmmm floating point? 5.2646327? Or maybe 7.37462747? Hehe

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    I personally like the Athlon, but hey its just IMHO, so.....
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    You can't go wrong with either. Personally Im a AMD fan boy. I don't agree with Intels lets pump up the megahertz but skimp on the other stuff plan. Sure it looks good on paper but megahertz are not the sole way to judge a chip anymore.
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    Athlon.......... I used to be a die hard Pentium fan. Not anymore. AMD or nothing at all for me. I have one Pentium box and the Athlons run circles around it.

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    I run an AMD XP 1800+ with 1.5 gigs of 2100 DDR and my system runs like a dream. I get uptimes of like 8+ weeks and never lag. Also running the XP OS

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    I like the Athlon.I have the 1700XP+ and 700 and i love them.

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    well all i know is that both are good.. but athlongs can run as fast or faster than pentium and its cheaper than pentium..

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