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Thread: Bunch Of Cool New Features!

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    Bunch Of Cool New Features!

    Greetings All:

    - Here's The Latest -

    * Added a "post a quick thread" feature.

    * Site usability fix: Only the user that created the post will see the "edit post icon" from now on.

    * Thread lists now show both the total number of replies, and the number of new replies since your last visit.

    * Added an Advanced Signature Editor. Preview your signature, add your own custom images, and more! You can find this under the Edit Your Profile link which is located in the Your Account box on the main page! Enjoy! (btw: If I catch a user abusing this, I'll not only remove their sig., but their account as well.)

    * Started major updates to our link directory!

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    thx JP... cool features...
    about the abusers: LOL

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    man your really going 'whole hog' with this site....thanks
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    I love this new sig setup. Now I can include my Bill gettin' it from Tux and Cookie pic. I have been itching to use it on here without replacing my Cookie Tux.
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    been away for a while. this was a nice touch to come back to.

    good job!!

    --ssshhh, be vewry, vewry quiet...

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    Good job JP.... I like the ability to add the images to signatures.... Wow, now this forum feels almost exactly like the one at http://www.tranceaddict.com .... Hehe, this forum has loads more features though

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    Thanks, JP!

    ac1dsp3ctrum - Like the new sig.
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    Ahhh, whats up with the popup box though? I like the rest of the addtitions. What ever happened to the list of top10's? top10 posts, antipoints, etc.
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    Just a suggestion, how about a new option in site features so that you can either have all sigs, disable all sigs, or ONLY disable IMAGES in sigs?
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    Brilliant idea.....it's becoming a little too graphic orientated. Imagine the strain on my poor little modem when everyone has highly graphic signatures.....

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