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    Question httpd question

    does anyone know how to change the port for httpd to use instead of port 80?
    Or is that even possible...
    any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    edit the httpd.conf file, here /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf
    or wherever you installed apache to...

    Find the section about listening

    and add

    Listen <insert port number here>


    Listen <insert-ip-address-here> : <insert port number here>

    then restart httpd

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    Finally an easy question that I can answer. If you use Apache, find your httpd.conf file and use an editor (I prefer vi) to make changes. My httpd.conf file is located in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf. Near the top of the file you will see something like this. This is from my computer so don't copy.

    ### Main Configuration Section
    ### You really shouldn't change these settings unless you're a guru
    Port 80 <-------change this
    NameVirtualHost 169.147.*.*
    ServerType standalone
    ServerRoot /etc/httpd

    After you change that you can host on a different port. Of course then you have to set firewall rules and the real fun begins.
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    thepreacher is right if you are using virtual hosts....

    I should have thought to ask....

    if you are not, what I suggested should work for ya....

    Good Luck,


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    heheh....YAY preacher!
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    Of course, in LinuxConf's networking section, you can edit apache's port number etc from a GUI, but the above ways work too and are probably easier on the whole. (In that youre less likely to want to play about with the other settings and f**k the whole thing up).
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