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    Post Thread/Reply Bug

    Every time I try to reply or post a new thread using the regular screen, it keeps re-loading the screen forever... I use Opera 5.o on a mac with OS 9.2.2. This started about 3 days ago, and it might be related to the IRC popup?

    I can still post/reply using the Quick box at the botton, and all the other functions work great (antipoints etc.) except for the sig. editor.

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    I havent been getting the IRC popup today so maybe JP has taken it off
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    Popup is gone. Not sure why you are haing that problem though. It works fine for me. Might have something to do with the IE specific formatting tags like glowingpurple and pong and shadow.
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    Could be, the formatting tags...cause I can uses the Quick reply function alright...
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    It's difficult enough to support Opera at all, yet alone trying to support older versions of it. I suggest you upgrade your browser, as this problem doesn't exist with Opera 6.

    Thread closed.

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