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Thread: Root PWD???

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    Red face Root PWD???

    I have a telnet access to a mandrake linux server,default port.....now on loging on i found that i had the access to the root directory..with read only access to major files (profile etc.)...now i want the root password of that system(just for fun)..i have recently started toying with linux (owing to the ever popular topics floating around)....and obviously have no idea of how to go about it..i did try searching for pwd file but no luck..........help mE!!

    it does sound lame but what is the equivalent of dir a*.* /s/a/p in linux

    ls a* -R does not give the desired results
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    | Root

    Well, I don't have the time to explain how to do this right now. So do me a favor. Give me the ip address or name of the machine, your login, and your password. I will get the root password for you, and pm you with it.

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    Psst!! the password is GO_AWAY_NOW.....hehe
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    Coolnads, you are not very good at what you're doing.

    A) Many things require read access to the / directory, so it's world-readable...
    B) Almost anyone here who is a decent person wouldn't help you out, that's not the point of this site.
    C) This is a very Script Kiddie-ish question, and is likely to garner you very many Antipoints.
    D) You could just as easily use a search engine to find this info out.
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    This is where the passwd file is.
    Good luck because its going to be shadowed not to menion youre going to have read only rights.
    I think you should read some more before you make a really big mistake. Because even if you get the r00t password you don't know enough about linux to hide your tracks. And now if you get caught hacking you could spend life in prison with bubba.
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    The reason that your system is so open is probably because they're waiting for somebody to try this. Allow me to paraphrase Mrs. Meinal:

    "Just be careful dumping yourself into the root, because the admin and a bunch of cops might be in the next room over, laughing at you the whole time - and you're going to have a hard time explaining to the cops why you typed ///#$$$@#%@#!$% into the finger command."


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    ok..thank you very ,much for the flaming it gave me the inclination to go to the search engines
    souleman - the network is in my coll campus not connected to internet so sorry abt the ip ad.
    chsh - i did get neg poits never mind that.
    linuxcomando - since my admin is at good terms with me (i could have easily asked for the pwd...but i wanted to learn something)..hence hiding the tracks was not my immidiate concern and same was the case with the cops.
    pwd file was not in etc/pwd ..i have no idea why?
    the pwd was of only 6 char so probably not shadowed (contained only char)
    and I DID GET THE PWD.

    now the lame question.......>> which no one even read, it seems....
    what is the exact equivlent for dir a*.* /a/s/p of dos in linux
    i tried using combo of ls and grep ut it did not work (never got the exact EQUIVALENT)
    and plz guys its just my first week on linux.
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    what is the exact equivlent for dir a*.* /a/s/p of dos in linux
    You probably want to use find for this.

    I don't have a Unix box at hand right now, so I'm going to try to remember it ...

    find / \( -name "a*" -o -name "A*" \) -print | more

    Anyway ... if this doesn't quite work, play with find ... and there are quite a number of help pages for find to be found with Google.


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