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Thread: FreeBsd config help

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    FreeBsd config help

    Hi im going to install FreeBSD but i need some help deciding on how to partition harddrive.

    Im installing it on a 30 gig harddrive.
    And i have 300 n somethin memory. ddr.
    Im also a newbie with FreeBSD and Linux ill bascicly be using it for programing.
    And im not worried about security that much.
    What are your sugestions.

    Thanks Alot

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    id do about
    a 19 gigs of /
    5 gigs /usr
    5 gigs /home
    1 gig swap
    I toor\'d YOU!

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    Just use the recommended partitions. FreeBSD 4.4 has a wizard that'll walk you through the HDD partitioning.
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