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Thread: Which linux distribution do you use

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    Cool Which linux distribution do you use

    Which linux distribution do you use im looking for one and i figure your the guys who would know most about it!!!

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    Basically, ask a stupid question get a stupid answer. You have to be specific, very specific. The question you are asking can be realted to what is the best type of drink there is for me? You have to say, are you a beginner, are you going to be heading up a network with this box, etc. etc.

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    Dude if your going to run linux run slackware.
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    Well, I use Mandrake 7.1 (Get 8.1 if you decide to go for mandrake, its newer therefore will have better hardware support, although 7.1 seems to have no problems supporting hardware. I even got my MS IntelliMouse working in Mandrake 7.1). Mandrake is probably the easiest full linux distro to install (it can be fully automated).

    Also, you might want to check out RedHat or SuSE Linux, buth are relatively easy to install. For advanced server power but harder to install and configure, you might want to try Debian or Slackware. And apparently FreeBSD makes a good server, although I cannot speak from experience as I have yet to try BSD out.
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    RED HAT 7.1 + 7.2 the only way to run

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    I have mandrake 8.1 great for linux newbs like me.

    Reasons why I like mandrake:
    -Easy to install
    -Standard edition comes with lots of software
    -Good hardware support (every thing but winmodems of course).

    Not to say that there arenít better distributions out there I just haven't tried most of them yet.
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    /me has RH7.2, FreeBSD 4.5, and Mandrake on one HArd Drive (80 Gig )

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    I currently use Mandrake 8.1 , but Im building a server w. RH

    I like using FreeBSD though also, its really good if u r looking for security

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    i personal use linux mandrake 8.2 beta by far i think its the best

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    i'm a redhat 7.2 newbie
    i didn't have a problem with installation......but getting used to the file system and configuring it properly etc....that's another story....
    there is tons of support and so many resources though
    if you have a question...someone WILL have the answer

    good luck!

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