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Thread: March 22 Alerts

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    Exclamation March 22 Alerts

    Discovered on: March 22, 2002

    W32.Cervivec.A@mm is a mass-mailing worm that is written in Delphi. The worm is packed with a known runtime compression program. When executed, the worm attempts to find email addresses belonging to contacts in the ICQ contact list, and then to send email to them

    Wild: Low
    Damage: Low
    Distribution: Medium

    Discovered on: March 21, 2002
    This VBS worm spreads by sending itself to all addresses in the Microsoft Outlook address book. It also copies itself to all local or mapped network drives, and spreads through mIRC.
    Type: Worm
    Infection Length: 11,980 bytes
    Threat Assessment:
    Wild: Low
    Damage: Low
    Distribution: High

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    Spreads through mIRC? I assume they mean after it has infected your machine, it then tries to dcc itself to everyone with an onjoin command or something?
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    hmmm very common tactics i say.. i always get that kind of attack on Austnet and other popular IRC networks..

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