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Thread: Quick Suggestion for front page

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    Quick Suggestion for front page

    Well, I was just looking at the AO front page, isn't it great? I just thought that it would be good if we could choose just ONE post which could be displayed under our names and avatars?

    This would be different to 'subscribing' to a thread, it would just appear under you avater section so that you can quickly click it to see if it has been active since you last came and to see what has been posted there.

    For example, the 'Cosmos Game' that Negative has going, I view that every now and then to see if anything has been added and to read peoples arguments. It would be a lot easier if I could choose that thread to be displayed in my front page everytime.

    Anyways, if you don't understand my suggestions fully, I've attached a small picture to demonstrate.

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    Good idea, I would like to see that one in effect.... For some reason I dont get email notification or subscribed to the threads I post at or start anymore, so that would help heaps

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    How about a member of the week or perhaps a hack of the week or month.....
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    lol, ice good idea... no really, good idea

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    S' a good idea.
    It'd be useful to be able to monitor one thread from the front page...
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    u dont get those alert if u use the quick reply thingy i think

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    I would so win the member of the month. I kinda miss the irc.services.com website with IRC stats. BUt yeah whatever

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    Both the ideas make sense why .....not have more details on the front page ....like last reply etc. on rollover

    One more thing...shouldnt the users who created a thread allowed to remove it if they want to.......sometimes ppl just write in the heat of the moment...it would be justifiable if they were allowed to remove there post or stuff.
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    Good ideas. I think that users who create thread should be able to close them down but not delete them.
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