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Thread: Steganography

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    I hope to write a brief Tutorial about Steganography later this week (if the Forum is still up) but this should start us off...

    Does anyone here use Steg. on a regular basis? Back when I was in High School my friends and I used Stego 1.0 (for mac) which allowed us to insert a text doc (.txt) into a JPG or a GIF and then send it as an attachment, then remove it at the other end. Not a great system (as anyone with Stego 1.0 could get the .txt out) but it was enough to fool basic users, and you could combine it with an encrypted Document for extra security...

    So anyway, I haven't seent that program in years, and I was curious if anyone was using a similar one these days.

    PS I also will post a Rec. Books list tommorrow.
    - Jimmy Mac

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    don't use it myself but here's a link for ya...

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    Isn't this the thing that the kids we're using in that movie "Along came a spider"?
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    Isn't this the thing that the kids we're using in that movie "Along came a spider"?
    smirc, I saw that too and that's what it reminded me of, hehe!!! It's a very good movie too, I'd suggest it if you haven't seen it already.

    How about when he figures out about the missing painting or whatever then goes to the computer and enters the 'live webcam' and the guys house and looks around in it. Ah, how the hell did he figure that one out? Yes, it's just a movie I suppose, unless I'm stupid and it was obvious!

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    I use Steganography quite a bit, but not in a computer sences. Normally do it in other ways...writing on inside of envelopes, crap like that. It's always low-tech, but it is stego.
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    Lightbulb The best steganography suite

    I use in one oportunity a steganography suite called S-tools....This is simply the best of the best. Small and efficient. A good choice. I attach the .zip file to anyone that interested.

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