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    Yep, Zigar I agree, however Norton should speed up their updates, sometimes they don't have files or fixes for a week or so...

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    I use AVG. Have it set to check for updates daily at 2:00 am. I have gotten new updates I believe the last 5 days in a row....

    As far as vulnerablies in NAV firewall....Yes, they do exist. What are they? Go find them.
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    but only for your enemy\"
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    If it's new it has always a weakness
    Listen closely to your enemies. They tell you your faults.

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    There is also Satellitesafe's technology to make that the user receives his/her updates always and on time.This is a value added system for all AV products.They use satellite technology............. www.satellitesafe.com

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    I agree with those in the forum that it is more users fault than anything. Not keeping defintions up to date often enuf is careless or better yet "reckless abandon". I've been on the net for almost 6 years and have been in and out of every nook and dark hole on the net. I've used Norton for at least 4 of the last 6 years and it has never let me down. I'm sure all AV progs have weaknesses but the main one is due to users and not program flaws

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    Then is the subseven 2.2 (rat) too new
    for detection?i beg to differ.
    So i think i live update every few hours
    and im updated and it did'nt detect the
    Intentional download,of the subseven but
    it allwats warns me of port attempts by subseven

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