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    scary patent news

    Encryption patent firm stakes claim on industry

    A previously unknown Californian firm which has obtained a patent for application-independent file encryption is seeking to enforce licensing from other companies in the security industry.

    Maz Technologies was granted a patent last year for a "method of transparent encryption and decryption for an electronic document management system". Recently the company appointed lawyers to press its claims.


    "This is a very broad patent, which covers almost everything that saves encrypted files to disc. It could cover everything from secure laptops to electronic encryption," he said.


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    That's just crazy. Pretty soon we are going to see some idiot try to get a patent for tcp/ip. Just my speculation.

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    they conned the patent office.

    looks like the governments are going to have to start another office to deal with computer related patents, its been discussed for some time now, but this makes it outa hand. Anyboby with any computer smarts would have told them "get the hell outa here". thats like someone desiging a truck and requesting a patent for exit ramps on highways.
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    Yeah they really do need an advanced technology related patent office. I mean it doesn't make much sense that the same office that patents the look of a toy robot handles encryption rights too. Why do they want to control something that isn't theirs to control anyway? I think I'm gunna go ask for a patent on the internet later. $tupid greedy corporation.
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    Wonder if someone from say, Russia, made and patented a virus. Doesn't have to be very malicious just annoying. Then when mcaffee or norton, release their new AV software, which detects it. If the creator of the virus, sue them?

    I know, far fetched but, with everything that is going on now, it would be pretty funny if it did happen

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    To bad companies feel they have to try and get a patent for everything under the sun.
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