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Thread: Article: Net Censorship Battle Begins

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    Article: Net Censorship Battle Begins

    A battle over free speech and online pornography will return to the birthplace of the US as librarians try to convince a federal court that requirements to block adult materials amount to censorship. Read it here.
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    Thank god for the librarians.

    The law's supporters say that printed pornographic materials are not in a library's collection so there is no reason why they should be online.
    So they are saying the web is a giant library? So why is e-commerce so popular? Do libraries sell products? This whole thing is blasphemy.
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    Ya know, ya gotta love the Gov't.

    The US Government contends that the law does not censor libraries because they can simply decline to accept funding
    Gee. Last time I checked this was extortion in most places.
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    "Instead of relying on filtering technology, we should be educating children," said Judith Krug of the American Library Association. "It's not only learning the difference between right and wrong but how to use information wisely ... There are no quick fixes."

    How very true....

    Wouldn't it be better to educate people so they can make their own decisions on what's suitable viewing material rather than have a Government body tell you what's suitable??

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    Now the question remains of how the US government will link this to the War on terror to get it approved.
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    Originally posted here by thesecretfire
    Now the question remains of how the US government will link this to the War on terror to get it approved.

    "Al Queda network using pr0n sites to transfer terrorist information"

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    I can see the U.S government using the whole terrorist threat bit to get totally unrelated laws passed.
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    <USgov speaker="gwbush">
    By blocking sites with pornographic material, we will be stopping Al Qaeda's attempt to lure young minds to the path of terrorism!

    I almost feel sorry for the webmasters of the pr0n sites... it is a legitimate business (in most cases), although sometimes a nasty one. Because the US is so UPTIGHT about what children can and cannot see, they suffer, as do thier customers.
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    Pornography is in no way a legitimate business. It degrades and debases women. They end up selling their self respect for money. It degrades the wonderful God given gift of sex and turns it into a money making racket. I wonder how many men who became addicted to pornography when young would have felt that not getting access would have made them suffer. If anything it might have helped prevent the suffering they're going through now. I wonder how many of them would tell us right now, "I wish I had never started it."?
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    I can't say i 'entirely' disagree with the government this time. They've placed internet censorship where it should be, at the users station and have not let the responsibility fall on everyone else.

    However, even though i loved their reply, "aahh! if ya dont wanna do it, ya don't have to ask for our money", i don't think its the federal governments place to demand compliance on this issue. And who decides what is or is not pornografic. If i had kids in school, which i don't, i would be campaigning for blocking software in their school and would definatly moniter thier internet acticity at home but that would be my decision and a community decision as far as the school goes. Not a federal mandate.
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