This is not really a security problem, but its a problem im having and it really pisses me off.

This is how it starts.... I was reformating my computer last night, I wrote zero's twice, and did those scans. Now after that I re-installed everything. But the problem is my Windows 98 will not allow me to change my resolution! I go into the active desktop area and try and change it from 640,480 but it wont move. This problem also happened last time I reformated, so what I did to fix it then is I went into regedit -> config -> display -> system -> then I went to resolution and changed the value from 640,480, to 800,600. But this time it didnt work!

Also last time this happened, I got updated drivers from my graphics cards website, expect this time I cant find their site with it. So I dont know what to do.

System Info:
Windows 98, second edition
Video Card: nVidia TnT2 Vanta 16MB AGP Graphics Card

So what do I do? Can anyone find the driver updates for me(And yes! I used google)? and help me get around this problem. If you need anymore system info let me know!