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Thread: Custom avatars

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    Custom avatars

    Seeing a question about uploading a custom avatar today gave me an idea ...

    How about making it compulsory to have a custom avatar after a certain number of posts or time on AO? After all, since we spend most of our waking hours here, we should all have a unique identity.

    For example, if someone reaches the stage where he is going to become a junior member, how about not letting him make that 75th post until he posts a custom avatar?

    Thoughts, comments?


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    Well some people dont like avatars and forcing someone is pretty pointless.

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    Some people aren't as talented when it comes to graphics as others, so forcing them to have a custom avatar would be somewhat pointless.
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    You ppl all hate MS for forcing every1 to use windows and then this..........
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    Besides, people like me don't have mad skillz when it comes to graphics, and I don't want to take the time to make an avatar......oh wait, well, mine took a total of 10 minutes to make anyway, but thats why it isn't animated.
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