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    Post Guidlines for firewalls

    I found a file that talks quite a bit about firewalls, vpns and DMZ's. It is a .pdf file and 1.2 mb.

    This document contains an overview of recent developments in firewall technology, and guidance on configuring firewall environments. It discusses firewall access control, active content filtering, DMZs, and co-location with VPNs, web and email servers, and intrusion detection. It contains guidance on developing firewall policy and recommendations for administering firewalls. Lastly, it contains several appendices with links to other firewall-related resources and recommendations for configuring and operating firewalls.
    Read the Document


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    Thanx, gstudios, a relevant doco. (For me, anyway).

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    Relevant, and interesting too!!
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    Since yer Here .....If I run My Hard ware Fire Wall Along With My Software Firewall
    Is It Possible And /Or is it Going to Conflict With Each Other And Leave Me With
    False Security?

    Hardware Fire Wall Being Windows/xp
    Software Fire Wall Being Norton

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