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Thread: The ABC's of security

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    The ABC's of security

    The ABCs of Security
    Compiled from reports by Sarah D. Scalet and Scott Berinato
    What is information security?
    What happens if we mess this up?
    But we have firewalls—isn't that enough?
    Who should be in charge of security?
    Should I outsource it?
    What technologies are involved?
    What about wireless?
    What are my legal obligations?
    How does insurance fit in?
    What's the ROI?
    Should I report security breaches to law enforcement?
    How come no one seems to get security right?
    What are 10 key components of good information security?

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    there is a missing L on the above link. It should be:
    savIRC :: The Multi-Platform IRC Client v. 1.8 [Released 9.04.02]

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