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Thread: IRC Network Bug -- (Popup is irrelevant)

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    IRC Network Bug -- (Popup is irrelevant)

    JP, when you got the network back up, did you make sure services.antionline.com and antichat.res.cmu.edu are both using the correct hidden-hostame values? (The three above-1,000,000 numbers which allow them to show the garbled IP/Hostname info through /whois)

    Apparently when you /whois someone, you get DIFFERENT host-hashes depending on the server you are connected to. This causes problems when setting bans or scripting any IP/host-related events, because the reported user-host that is recieved when you do a /whois on a person isn't consistent across the system.
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    hummm, this could get pretty interesting.
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    Yeah, that's definitely a problem, especially depending on how large the ban list is. Oh well, it'll be fixed in a jiffy Did I just say jiffy?...

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