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Thread: .NET + Spam

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    .NET + Spam

    Hello all. I just signed up for the microsoft email notification of security news and i am a bit disapointed at the fact that it made me sign up for a .NET passport. I set it up to not share my email address with other companys but what i am wondering is does anyone here use .NET passport and have you receive any spam from it.. I have a really good account right now (meaning i havent had any spam at all ) and i want to keep it that way. I am going to be pissed becuase microsoft is the only company i have ever givn this address to and if the spam starts i will have to beat down microsoft.

    WEll let me know
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    Security new from m$. Oxymoron.

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    LOL, No... he Oxymoron is Microsoft Security, Augh... I feel dirty
    ROFL, If you want security then subscribe to one of the mailing lists on the AO front page

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