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Thread: Norton Internet Security 2002

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    Arrow Norton Internet Security 2002

    I'm just curious if there is any loopholes in it? I just bought it, and so far stopped 1752 breakin attempts....LOL....

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    It has a few problems, including but not limited to, false positives.... I personally wouldn't use it. You can get it fail in the open state(instead of failing closed) so if someone bangs hard enough, it'll give up.
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    Ouch, sounds pretty bad, I like Zone Alarm but I hear it does have some flaws...
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    A week ago, I installed Tiny Personal Firewall, available here.

    For days ago, I removed Zone Alarm Pro from my system (I had the two running along side each other).

    Since removing ZA, I've noticed a significant speed increase (and it's not because i was running 2 firewalls, its an increase over ZA alone). The only feature of ZAPro 3 that I miss is it's banner ad killer. Still, it's a small price to pay for better security.

    I have also downloaded Agnitum's Outpost (both the Free and Pro versions), although I haven't got round to installing and testing them yet.
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    I've used Norton Internet Security 2002 for a while...

    I found it to be a decent firewall, although I had some minor problems with it: 1 download out of 2 was considered a 'Socket de Troie'-connection attempt.... Even my AV-scanner's updates were considered Socket de Troie.
    Norton's virusscanner sucks imo (they have updates like what? Once a week? Kaspersky has updates at least once a day).

    I've been using Outpost (combined with Tauscan, Kaspersky AV and The Proxomitron) for about a year now, and it still is my choice...

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