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Thread: Making A Linux Distribution {Part 3}

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    Making A Linux Distribution {Part 3}

    Well, I've *tried* to post this 3 times, all unsuccessfully, as yet... So if this appears multiple times, please bear with me, I'll delete the duplicates when I notice them, but anyway...

    I did debate as to whether I should post this anyway, since Part II was greeted with negative antipoints and the following comments:
    nice copy pasting
    Anyway, I decided to post it regardless, cause I don't give a ***** what some lame individual who has nothing better to do than assign random negative antipoints thinks of it!
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    Could I get the other 2 parts I've missed out on it ?

    e-mail them to free0n@yahoo.com

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    nice tutorials
    ***** the critics, I appreciate what your're doing.

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