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Thread: Bad Microsoft Bad

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    Bad Microsoft Bad

    quote from http://www.alphaque.com/

    Microsoft takes on Malaysia's Open Source movement Monday, March 25 @ 16:55:37 MYT

    Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has fired its first salvo
    against the Open Source movement in Malaysia, with an article sent out in
    its electronic newsletter and posted on its website.

    The article, Not quite an open and shut case, was written
    by Microsoft Malaysia managing director Butt Wai Choon.

    According to company sources, Microsoft's e-newsletter goes out to anything
    from 10,000 to 20,000 subscribers in the country.

    The article argued that Open Source Software was a threat to the commercial
    software industry, and sounded familiar to a speech given by Jim Allchin to
    US lawmakers in Washington just a bit more than a year ago.
    Story at: http://star-techcentral.com/tech/sto...sec=technology

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    It is all about the Almighty $GreenBack$. And the way microsoft is going, it is becoming blatantly apparant. They just don't seem to "get it". Unlike others such as IBM, Apple, Sun, etc. I wonder how many more years MS will continue to pump out this crap.
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    Microsoft is total right when they say that open source is a threat to corporations. It should threaten them into making better software. Open source is one of the best software devlopment tools out there. By not having open source you have no idea what you have. Sure it looks like your playing solitare. but what are you really doing. ok now i am just ranting about som conspircy theroy so i'll stop.

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    Ugh! I'm sick to my stomach. This reminds me of an old boss I had....The guy actually thought that Linux was a communist conspiracy to take over the world. The fact that the biggest communist country the world has ever seen had failed miserably. He was not to be reasoned with...
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    /me hits M$ over the head with a rolled up newspaper.
    Bad M$ !!!


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