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    Arrow Playing Monopoly

    During Monopoly Games On The Web Often During Trades
    (Wherin One Offers property Money/Etc To Other Player)
    Well Upon Clicking The Accept Button Immediate Virus
    Alert For Sub Seven!
    Can This Virus Actually Disguise It self As an Actual
    Program(Being Trade Offer On Monopoly)?
    Or Am I wrong And It is Coincedence Because
    it Has Happened More Than Once?

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    So i Guess The Virus's Are Available For Download To See
    What Makes Them Tick.But What Does One Do To Better
    Understand This B.S Thats Happening If I Download The
    Virus Do I Just Look At It's Binaries Or Somethin?im
    Soooooooo Confused

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    It Has Been Awhile Since I Have Played With That Stuff, But It Sounds Like People Are Wrapping Programs Around A Trojan. Tip: Get A Trojan Cleaner, And Don't Trust Other's So Much.
    savIRC :: The Multi-Platform IRC Client v. 1.8 [Released 9.04.02]

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    Yeah My Virus Program stops It Allways But Even
    If Im Reading A Book And That One Word Comes
    Up That Im Not Familiar With ....I Have To
    Learn Its Definition Or Thats All I Can Think About
    Hey Thanks So Much For The Wrap Around Hypothesis
    Because Most Definitive Descriptiond of Sub Seven Say
    It Disguises Itself As An Actuall Program

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