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Thread: Article: Linux Research Helps HP

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    Article: Linux Research Helps HP

    It's Gelato all round as Linux developers at the University of NSW join Hewlett-Packard's consortium to promote widespread use of the open source operating system. Read it here.
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    Not that it's any surprise, but it would appear that Hewlett-Packard is smarter than Apple. Apple gave away computer systems to elementary schools for years, hoping to influence the next generation of computer buyers. It never really worked because as soon as the students hit high school or college, their parents bought them a "real computer" to use. HP is attacking the problem from a similar angle, but working in the college arena instead. I think they have a much better chance of affecting college students buying decisions because they're a lot closer to the age where they'll be buying thier own computers.

    Of course, throwing linux into the mix helps their odds even more.

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