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Thread: optimiumization on *nix

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    Question optimiumization on *nix

    for those of you who use *nix; what are, if any, ways of optimizing a computer? such as how windows has options like defrag. of hd, scandisk,etc....thanx


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    I know that when you compile *nix apps you can specify the -O2 option whichs tells the compiler to optimise the executable if possible.
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    Talking Links from google

    As best I understand it, the ext2 and ext3 filesystems never require defragging because of the way they are deisgned.

    As far as optimization techniques, the best webpage I've seen about it is here...


    It's a few years old, but most of it still aplies.

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    Linux runs so smooth 24/7 I never feel the need to optimize.
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