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    Graphics Tool

    Hey Guys,
    I'm trying to learn HTML in order to eventually make my own web site. What I wondering is if any of you know of any decent freeware graphics tools I can use to make graphics for my future site. What do you use?
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    Well, I'm not sure about any freeware ones. I use Paint Shop Pro, which I think is very easy to use. PhotoShop is just to complex for me, I don't need something that powerful anyway.

    I did a search on www.download.com for ya and came up with this popular freeware one that got good reviews:

    IrfanView 3.61 (800K):

    Hope it's a decent one,
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    two word reply: The Gimp
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    There's even a Windows version.
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    Try going to http://www.navnetwork.net and search for a full graphics program (Paint shop pro, fireworks, etc.) Might save you some time, effort, and $$$

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