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Thread: IP Address Through MSN ...

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    IP Address Through MSN ...

    A few people i know have been going about on how it is possible that hackers are able to find out your IP address through you simply being on MSN. If it is possible, does anyone know on how peope do that, cause if there is a way, their must be some way of stopping it.

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    The only way that i know is when you are sending a file through msn.... perhaps there's other ways, which is quite possible....

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    i know of one way to get IP addresses through msn messanger. as you probably know, msn users connect to the msn server, which is sort of used as a proxy server to hide the users' ip address. open up ms-dos and do a netstat -n, you'll find a list of addresses, one of them the msn server.
    all your messages that are sent go through the msn server and then to the person you're talking to. however, there's been a flaw found in messanger so when you send files (eg, photos, zips, sound files etc etc) the file is not sent through the msn server, but directly to your client computer, in a direct client connection (DCC). when you send your "friend" a file through msn, do a netstat -n in DOS and your friends REAL ip addressort will show

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    The only was I know is also as angelic_ky says, sending them a file thru MSN. This establishes a connection between you and another user and you will be able to find out their IP from netstat (using DOS-prompt).

    I think it's 'netstat -n'

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    Yeah I also know the way that involves sending a file but if someone finds a different way to do it please post it!

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    And here I was thinking that it was impossible to get an ip address out of msn. Guess I was just being naive. I forgot the first rule of computing (never trust any thing even remotely related to m$).
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    Ok, I know a way for finding the IP through Yahoo messenger but I'm sure it will work on MSN too.
    All you should do is that send your IP address to your chat partner like this : http://www.your_IP_here.com, and before doing that download a firewall like "attacker" (attacker can listen to specific ports and will alarm when detects a connection.)
    So when the other side click on the link, it will try to connect to your pc on port 80 and the your firewall will alarm and show you the victims IP address. Or instead of using firewalls you can do netsat -n command periodically to see which IP is connecting you through port 80.

    I would recommend you sign up for a little URL Redirect thing from like cc.st or cjb.net and use http://your-ip-here as the Link and make the URL Cloked, it is a lot easyer because the person will think that it is a web site, and they will click the Link.

    And also it is better to send your IP using scocial engineering.

    And also it is better to not do that with a hacker.

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    Ass Snifer does it much the same way - converts your ip to a hex - you send the other person the hex they click it and Ass Snifer gives you their ip....much the same process oh and one flaw with your idea Unleashed
    I would recommend you sign up for a little URL Redirect thing from like cc.st or cjb.net and use http://your-ip-here as the Link
    if you have a dial-up connection with a dynamic IP then your going to have to enter in the new ip everytime you connect.....and if you have a static ip you don't want to be handing peps it - esp if your trying to get their ip for whatever reasons....they might not appriciate it and you could be a sitting 9static ) target for a DDoS or DoS attack


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    valhallen, yes it is a stupid work to do that with a static IP. And about dynamic IPs, yes u should register for your new IP every time u connect, but Valhallen, are you going to fined IP's everytime you connect to Internet?
    By the way, there are some more softwares that can do that work for you automatically, but I think that it is better to do someting by our hand and figour out what that stuff do and what is behind it !. May be the program you mentioned opens a nice port for you on your system

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