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Thread: Satellitesafe antivirus solution

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    Mar 2002

    Lightbulb Satellitesafe antivirus solution

    As a result of the continuing exponential growth of e-commerce and e-government, the move from a paper environment to email, and the increased reliance on Internet, computer viruses and malicious code are the “Single Biggest Threat to the Computerisation of Business & Society in the World Today” according to Info Security. The global losses as a result of security breaches, such as Mellisa, Code Red, Sircam, “ILOVEYOU” etc run into billions of dollars annually.

    Traditional anti-virus protection has shown to be unable to effectively counter this threat, because it relies on Pull technology. Pull technology is subject to timeouts, denial of service attacks and overloading of anti-virus vendor sites during times of crisis as well as normal peak usage as a result of the sheer number of users. Less than 40% of anti-virus software is uptodate, resulting in increased infection and costs.

    To counter these problems, Satellitesafe has developed, and patented globally, the world’s first ever satellite-fed virus protection system. Satellitesafe’s mission is to provide the ultimate protection from viruses and malicious code through the use of state-of-the-art satellite communications technologies.

    The satellitesafe suite of services also include:

    1.24 hour monitoring Centre for new viruses and delivering E-mail filter “ID Strings” in case the anti-virus vendors has no update for the particular threat.
    2.Delivery of intrusion detection system “attack signatures” to protect against new hacker techniques.
    3.Delivery of Microsoft security patches to provide immediate protection against new operating system vulnerabilities.
    4.Delivery of Certificate revocation lists for digital signatures.
    5.Possible use as a platform to deliver distance learning applications.
    6.Refreshing of Websites via satellite to provide enhanced security.

    As a strategic resource to address security threats Satellitesafe provides numerous benefits such as:
    1.Enhanced protection of data by delivering the best possible anti-virus protection
    2.Fully automated anti-virus protection
    3.Saving in time and the costs associated with data loss
    4.More efficient deployment of personnel
    5.Elimination of the need for 24 hour monitoring of network
    6.Peace of mind
    7.Reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership of anti-virus technology
    8.Adherence to International best practices for Information Security Management such as the ISO 17799, BS7799, SABS 17799.
    9.Vastly more efficient utilisation of scarce bandwidth
    10.Ensures delivery of critical data to remote areas

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    AntiOnline Senior Member souleman's Avatar
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    Ummm, where did you get this information?
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    Nov 2001
    Would not a solution like this demand a traditional connection to the Internet so you can "ask" for refresh and updates etc, to be sent to you from the satellite.

    I dont think that anyone would allow me to set up a direct uplink to a satellite without certificates or whatever its called in the "HAM" world.

    And as soon as you have to reach a satellite via a web application (server) that application-server would be vulnerable for direct attacks, right ?

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    Dec 2001
    Seems like a nice theory but as it is right now, most of the "viruses" out there are nothing more than mass mailing script-kiddie vb programs or embedded mailers inside of a screen saver, etc etc... When people stop relying on going to web pages where IE is trusting every ActiveX module that's executed without question (eo people REALLY realize just how much control ActiveX has over their windows box?! I think not.), stop having email that uses embedded scripting inside html-formed emails because it looks pretty (what happened to just regular text? I'd rather use sendmail/mail/elm/etc for just sending usual stuff), and they get 10 minutes of education on updating their virus definitions, scanning weekly, email etiquette (deleting stuff directed to them but from unknown people, scanning attachments, etc)...until all this happens, making a satellite vulnerable to DDOS attacks from the ground or breakins, thus allowing anyone to submit anything worldwide to any machine that has the service automatically trusted (auto-update w/o asking permission etc)...bleh, we see where this is going.

    Good God, that's a long ass sentence I wrote...geez.
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    Dec 2001
    big deal -it's just a new entry point service. The sat link would have to enter your network somewhere to update the various engines mentioned. The best it could be is a private channel but so can many other types of ingress. I don't see how it solves all those problems.

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