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    Abusing the term "cyber-terrorism"

    Here's a good "analysis" by the Register ... how a survey about drive-by hacking of wireless networks is a cyber-terrorism risk ....

    The Register: Drive by hacking linked to cyberterrorism

    Yes, I agree wireless networks should be well-protected ... but to call it:

    And networks are not only at risk from attacks at close-quarters. University research in Hawaii [what?] has shown that signals can be intercepted from a distance of over 25 miles, raising fears of large-scale cyber-terrorism. Computer-controlled power grids, telephone networks and water-treatment plants are at risk
    Man .... are they trying to scare us or what!


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    Sometimes they go way to far as how they put things to the public...

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    Well if you think about it, there prolly right. IF "Computer-controlled power grids, telephone networks and water-treatment plants are at risk", I think that the dumb@55 hacker thatgets into a system that controls power,telephone, and water, is in FULL knowledge of what he is doing. He knows how paranoid the FEDS are now. He also knows that IF he chooses to take down the power grid, then he makes himself a cyber terrorist, whether he is a Terrorist Operative or not. He makes that choice to become that.

    "Hackers", demand information.They compromise systems for their own gain. "Terrorist", wish to harm America, for thier country/religions gain. Taking down a power grid could be harmfull to America. Therefore turning the once innocent hacker into nothing but but a lowley terrorist.

    And thats my RX
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    the Rand corp. did a great book called "Networks and Netwars" by John Arqulla and David Ronfeldt, whihc explored the difference form a military/ Cyberwar and other cyber attacks/protests, which they called "Netwar". Its an interesting read...
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    Shouldn't they be doing stuff like, teaching people how to secure their systems, before saying "Well the people who do it are terrorists, so we will prosecute them as they terrorize" Well, that sure as hell isn't a very good way to do things. How about doing stuff Pro-Actively instead of Reactively.
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    Thatís retarded hacking has nothing to do with terrorism 99.9% of the time.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    I agree. If they call hacking terrorism, that would be making a big mistake and down the road can lead to a lot of controversy. Also many people feel that if they call Hacking terrorism, they can also call cracx on emulators and everything terrorism. To the government, if you break any law, thats terrorism. :P

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    It's really become an all use word for anything that's bad. Just watch, it'll become to the media what the word "gay" is for kiddiots.
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