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    Sorting options for Members list

    Just a thought ... as some of these statistics are already available on the homepage ...

    Could we add a few more sorting options in the Members list? Instead of just sorting by number of posts or date joined, how about also being able to sort on, for example:

    - Number of antipoints
    - Number of threads started
    - Number of antipoints given
    - Number of posts per day

    or others that I can't think of right now ...


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    There used to be a list of top ten posters (because I was on it right at the start, when there were only ~2250 of us on AO!) and top ten antipoint users. I'd like to see this feature back, although preferably with the option to turn it off or alter the settings (e.g. I might only want to see the top ten posters, I don't care about the latest members because it changes far too often).

    How about it JP? I can't see this being a major task to implement.
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