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Thread: confusing GUIs

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    Thumbs up confusing GUIs

    I'm online with my Red Hat 7.2 again today, but I swear, there must
    be TWO sets of menus, one for gnome, and one for KDE.

    I thought gnome was the default desktop, but within the main menu
    (the one with the cute little foot), there's another set of "KDE" menus.

    There seems to be a lot of duplication. I can't get the rh ppp dialer
    to work but kppp does. These things must maintain two sets of
    configuration files. I can't find the dialog to enter the domain name server
    (for gnome). I know it exists, because I saw it last week.

    Am I having fun or what?
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    Welcome to the world of Linux. Sorry that I can't offer any help. It just isn't pleasing to my eye's yet.

    But perhaps the fork of Atheos, will breathe more life, into the Desktop OS arena. You can read more information about that here:

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    I can't find the dialog to enter the domain name server
    (for gnome).
    programs -> system -> network configuration

    On the DNS tab.
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    shkuey> Isn't network configuration the KDE app. So it would be:
    KDE Programs -> programs -> system -> network configuration
    Not positive though.

    Yes, you can access KDE programs from Gnome and vice versa. EVERY program has its own configuration.
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